Welcome to my Pretty Funky world! I’m Helen, originally a Boyne Valley farm-girl now living in the big smoke of Dublin’s fair city in a house full of colour, fluff and a crazy cat hell-bent on world domination.

I’m passionate about wool and colour and what can be achieved when their powers combine. When I prepare and spin fibre. I enter my zone of creativity, fun and tranquility. There is a joy that comes from the tactile and visual nature of the fibre arts that I want to share with the world.

I find inspiration in everything from the cartoons I adored in the 80s to the latest books I’ve read or songs I’ve heard.

I’m a proud feminist who optimistically believes if the world is what you make it, we can craft an equal, bright, technicolour future.

With my fibres and yarns you can join my bright, fluffy, colourful Pretty Funky world or happily create a Pretty Funky world of your own. Yay!


Stop! Look! Listen! Live!

    The last week on social media within the knitting/crafting community has left me with a blank page in my head ready to be filled. At first I was leaving it blank as I felt it was my place as a white person to just listen to what was being said and to...

Reduce, reuse, recycle with PrettyFunkyFibre

When I set up Pretty Funky Fibre I knew I wanted it to have as little impact of the earth as possible. I have taken a few steps to make this happen. It's all about the three Rs; Reducing reusing and recycling. My biggest step was with my labels and tags. I knew I...

My new venture out and about at Yarnfolk!

This August I got to take part in Yarn Folk Festival of Wool in Northern Ireland for the first (but definitely not the last) time. It was Awesome! I had been contemplating starting a fibre business and was looking for the perfect opportunity to launch it. After many...

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