When I set up Pretty Funky Fibre I knew I wanted it to have as little impact of the earth as possible. I have taken a few steps to make this happen. It’s all about the three Rs; Reducing reusing and recycling.

My biggest step was with my labels and tags. I knew I wanted them to be something that would have another use past its primary function. I put my head to work and my googling fingers on the case. I knew already that wild seed paper existed but was unsure if it would work for me. After some research I found some that, fingers crossed would do the trick, and they did. They are made from recycled, biodegradable paper which encases the seeds. The bonus that there was no reduction in my logo’s colour when printed. 🙂 Some of the labels have a more rustic, organic look to them but I fell in love with that effect instantly. So if you ever get your hands on one of my labels make sure you find a lovely sunny spot in your garden or a pot and plant them come spring (no need to separate from the paper) and by summer you should have a pretty wild flower display to enjoy. Wild flowers bring me so much joy. Every year I throw a sprinkling at my garden. I love how I am never sure which ones will grow, every year it is a surprise. I always get a pretty, colourful, beautiful scented array of flowers. The best thing about wild flowers is how happy they make native insects and especially bees. The plight of the bees has been well recorded of late. They are struggling to survive in our modern world and they are essential to us. A way to counter act this is to plant the wild flowers they enjoy. If we can give them a helping hand, they will help us back. Bees are necessary for healthy crops and a healthy environment. I hope you agree that with need these little helpers and will find joy planting your wild seed paper.

Rustic wild seed paper label.

I also would like to tell you about my dyeing process, the dyes I use and my use of water. All the dyes I use are non-toxic acid dyes. The word acid scares some people but the acid actually refers to what sets the dye to the yarn/fibre. For this purpose I use either food grade citric acid or a vinegar solution, nether are harmful to the environment. No water I use has any dye left in it when I am finished dyeing and is back to it’s neutral beginnings. I also don’t throw out my water with each dye. If I am immersive dyeing I will reuse the water until  I feel it is no longer good for use. Usually at this point I am going to make my plants very happy, my trees are always grateful for the water. When I come to finishing my yarns and fibres I use a natural, chemical free soap solution and hang to dry naturally.

The next thing on my list was my packaging. I place all of my fibre in resealable, reusable and recyclable bags. I do this as I feel, that like me, most spinners, knitters, crochets and fibre lovers like to keep their projects in a protective bags. I wish to give you something that can be used over and over again and when it is no longer fit for purpose it can be placed in the recycling bin and never end up in landfill.

Lastly if I add notes or cards in your package it will always be on paper that can be recycled, easy peasy.

I hope you like my approach and that you will join me in trying to make the world a more beautiful place.